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Not Against Import

import turtledoves

Indonesian perkutut ( turtledove lovers ) not against import.
Recently,among the indonesian turtledove lovers, there has been a trend of importing birds, whether from bangkok or southern Thailand.
This phenomenon is perfeclty accpetable for in most cases,transformation is always essential to archieve something better. The only questionable thing is what benefit can this import business could give to the improvement in the national avocation for turtledoves.

let us take the interesting parts of this particulars enthusiasm in importing turtledoves. There are some KungManias (turtledoves lovers) who said “one is out of date without importing”, “there is not chance of winning without big volume”, or more extreme, “Pakem (1) is only of Local era (2)

  1. Pakem is a standart handbook to judge / value the voice of a turtledove
  2.  Local era is an era when a birdfarm was still non-exsistent and birds were still roaming free.

Those statements are absurd. They make you frown (before reaching the respectable age)and scratch your unitchy head.
What made them so absurd ?
Our nation is the founder and the owner of the Pakem. It is well formalized by the fact that the beautiful sounds of a turtledoveare based on 5 elements ( frontal voice, middle voice, ending voice, rhythm, sound quality), see in the article thejakartaglobe . As well as to choose a good turtledove, indonesian people have the way is : head must be  oval shape round like nut fruit, bird beak such as burahol fruit, bird eye must be sharp luminous, bird bodies must be a banana bud, bird feet must long and neat scales, and bird tails must long and taper, read article here

The statements above should combined “importing big volume according to Pakem”.
Based on that,the importers could enter that goods into this country.

hence,basically importing turtledoves is applicable as long as all the requirements and conditions are measured up. Although personally,perkutut dki dot com regrets how our own value in the beauty of turtledove’s voice is shifting to other country’s..for the sake of haughtiness and koonnnng …this is absurd !.

Bravo to Indonesian turtledove lovers, and united in NKRI 🙂


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