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bird farm in prison

As we all know,in Indonesia, keeping turtledoves ( perkutut ) as pet has been an cherisable hoby since kingdoms still spreading allover the nations until the reformation era, since kings and queens ruled until the periods of togetherness.

A part from the mystical element often being connected with the art breeding these particular birds, turtledoves voice is actually the biggest factor for most people in every circle to be fascinated by these feathered creatures.
We may remember how the late former president Soeharto was seen on national television showing off his beloved turtledove, or the late Anton Soejarwo, former police chief during the New Order era, who was always enthusiastic

in joining bird contests in the 80s, and many more officials in high position or former officials. Also the biggest names among entrepreneurs such as the owner of Djarum Kudus, Gudang Garam and many more. They were/are spotted sitting on the edge of the field enjoying the competition of the mythical birds.

Talking about being rich from turtledove is common and also interesting. In the 90s we had H. Basuni the former becak peddler who suddenly got rich because of the bird. Susi Susanti, the legendary champion, brought out about 3 trillion rupiah for H. Muhammad of Surabaya thanks to a turtledove. One of a good friend and partner was able to buy a house for his family within one year by making turtledove dealings. All the true stories as what happened to our administrator.
As Ir. Soekarno told us to hold your dream as high as the sky. Or if you can’t, then hold your turtledove as high as you can and start dreaming…

With hardwork, dreams can becomes reality. As what mas Wawan of Bandung has been doing. He was a convicted criminal in Nusa Kambangan island. The penitentiary gave him chances to learn things, to develop his inner ability and he took those chances seriously. It is not only a hobby that can distract me from boredom, but turtledove breeding also brings gold, he said as he was asked why chose to become a turtledove breeder, unlike others who take stone carving, handicrafts etc as job profession.

Not an ordinary livestock
By looking at the 10 cages of broodstocks, one could see that mas Wawan has implemented a good and right breeding strategy. He collected males and females from blueblood lines. “That one is ring ACC”, he said pointing at male in cage 1. He smiles meaningfully. He admitted that many broodstocks came from bigger breeders in Indonesia, such as Palem, WAT, GM and many more. Not only this proves that mas Wawan understand the good quality of turtledove’s voice but also a good and right way of breeding. “The bloodline is also important”, he added.
Congratulation, mas Wawan. All the best for the future of your enterprise.

16 years for throwing an ashtray
When asked the reason of having been held in Nusa Kambangan, mas Wawan answered softly,”fighting with a relative. I got emotional and threw him an ashtray in the face”.
May this occupation with turtledove positively fills his day.

Bravo to Indonesian turtledove lovers, and united in NKRI


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