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price of a bird, reaching $ 50,000

bird price $ 50,000


Weight not more than 500 grams.
They only have unattractive grey colour
Unlike other birds such as canaries

why the price of these birds could reach US $ 50,000?

There are millions birds of this kind and each of them has it’s own characteristic in sounds and rythms.
It is difficult to find good quality offsprings

It is not easy to get a bird with good quality in sound and rythm, Although the genetical issue counts a lot, the crossing between good quality male and good quality female doesn’ t guarantee of getting good quality offsprings

This is the challenge of Turtledove birds breeders in Indonesia
Therefore, many businessmen put their investment into this challenging growing business 🙂

bravo to indonesian turtledove lovers, and united in NKRI


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