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Korda JABODETABEK Consolidation

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The atmosphere and conditions P3SI organizations, particularly in the Greater Jakarta area are very poor, where the organizational structure and the existing board is not known who occupied it. For that we are all concerned with this condition, it should give thought conducive to the progress we are together.
How, with more close ranks among regional coordinators who are in a Joint Forum Korda (FORBEDA) where each head of the general coordinator of the area was in it. among others, all the policies and the results of the contest, which so far could be a source of dissent, can be discussed in the forum. Although later many critics say, the criticisms were merely ingredients of democracy. Regarding the intent and purpose of the Joint Forum is purely a growing aspiration among kungMania, such as dissatisfaction with the operations of the contest. such deliberations, consumption, trophies, or coordination of the race out of town, and others.
This thinking is based on the fact that the euphoria of stewardship in every cord, korwil longest run only three months after the inauguration, after what happened, as we have seen always together, no matter between the board, which only pushes the meeting, and others.

Broadly speaking this forum is for organizational effectiveness in carrying out its functions.

This a simple idea brought up. 🙂


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